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bored in english...

2008-11-14 21:58:17 by superblop1

Well like i said i was bored and started writing...AGAIN. And the only reason im posting this is because a certain someone says i need to change my account. So tell me what you think i guess... idk

but this ones a little different than my normal dark poems, so here it is.

Dedication: you know who you are. ^_^

Under the Shadows

It is cold here, this state of being. For the dark shadow covers my heart on a freezing day. This shadow of love and need will cover my scalp, unless I have her. Time can only tell what may happen between us. I want her heart with all i have. She is nearly unbearable...impossible to endure. How can she possibly know what she does to me, what she puts me through, even how i feel about her? Is she the one for me? i can't help ask this question, after the things she's told me. Does she care at all how i speak to her? She does...She must! My voice so filled with love, i try to be so kind to her. This must give her the idea about how i feel about her. What does she feel? How would i know? Does she love anything about me? Or am i just selfish? Is this feeling love, or care, or just a personal defense? NO...These feelings must mean something more, something true. Her face so soft, her eyes so sympathetic, her voice so comforting. I want her, I need her, how could i not? I want to hold her, to protect her. She would be mine finally. To hold her and have her feel safe with me would make me so happy. She is so nearly perfect, to were i cant even relate. the love i would give to her cannot be faked or lied about. But, not yet. As long as we are apart this shadow will haunt me, and cover my feelings for her. But a light will appear, and shine for us. soon i will be warmed by her heart not my own. And we will not not let each other go. But i this what she wants? is this truly what she wants? how can i ever know for sure?

so yeah there it is. =]


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2008-11-14 21:59:01

summarize your post in five words for me

superblop1 responds:

NO, no, no, no, no


2008-11-15 20:39:08

aww cutie you write so well...
i'd say more... but not on here...

superblop1 responds:

naa. thats just something i scribbled down. and i dont blame you this IS NG


2008-11-17 19:18:20

well even if you were just scribbling stuff down i still like it and you do write very well.
and yeah NG can be an evil place sometimes.