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2009-01-09 20:09:11 by superblop1

I am a counselor, if ever have a problem or need advice, or just need someone to listen, i would be happy to do so, and i will try my best to help you out. Please, don't be shy i have dealt with many different and some life threating problems, and i never judge. I understand some topics are sensitive and I do not mind talking to you for long periods of time to address these types of issues. anyway If you need some help you can PM me, or we can talk on a IM service. just let me know what works for you. =]


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2009-01-28 00:58:17

i think i might be in love...
i mean i just don't know how he feels about me...
what should i do?

superblop1 responds:

Well how long have you been having these feelings for him? and does he know you have these feelings for him?


2009-02-02 19:34:37

i have a feeling he might no... and its been quite a while months actually...

superblop1 responds:

has he ever hinted or gave the impression he may share this feeling with you?


2009-02-02 19:46:04

i dont know im scared to talk with him about it...
i mean i dont really knows how he feels we are close...
i'd like it if he did...

superblop1 responds:

well has he given any reference to caring for you or having special feelings towards you? i mean do you think there is a pretty good chance he does?


2009-02-08 13:10:22

i love you! <3

superblop1 responds:

i love you too! =)


2009-02-14 12:14:09

i have a feeling he does... given me the best valentines day gift i have ever recieved... and he told me that he loves me... will always love me... and has made me the happiest girl in the world...

superblop1 responds:

well do you think thats enough? has he earned your approval?


2009-02-25 14:49:42

well what do you think? i think you'd no better than anyone...
i do feel he is the one...
i feel like he is my everything, he is the world to me... i truely love him.

superblop1 responds:

he loves you too... he always will. and you mean the world a hundred times over to him as well. no matter what, he will carry these feelings for you


2009-03-02 20:34:19

well i'm glad to know that...
you've been such a great help to me.
i love you so very much... i always will...

superblop1 responds:

i love you so very much too beautiful...=]


2009-05-14 22:52:39

lol i was reading our old messages on here again... <3


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